Terms and Conditions

I know that I have 90 days from the date I purchased the course to request a refund. To be eligible for a 100% REFUND of my tuition, I understand that I must give the course a try by viewing the videos and submitting my completed work from MODULE ONE. This includes the Customer Avatar Worksheet and the Irresistible Retreat Offer Worksheet. All refund requests and completed work can be sent to hello@retreatlaunch.com along with your feedback so we have the opportunity to learn what didn't work for you and are able to make improvements for future clients.

I understand that chargebacks are NOT a good way to cancel this program and will be contested, and that I MUST turn in my work within the 90 days mentioned above to get my full refund.

I know that the videos, worksheets, files, forms, documents, and spreadsheets in this course are covered by copyright law and that Retreat Launch LLC, doing business as Retreat Launch, owns the copyright. It is against the law to share, copy, or use any of the information here for your own business or to help other people. You can only use these materials for your own purposes unless you get signed permission from Retreat Launch LLC.